What happens on the day?
 - I arrive for your photo-shoot (I can work within the same time frame as the photographer) to capture the first look, and beautiful shots of the 2 of you interacting before the wedding (or after depending on your schedule for the day)
 - I will have a tripod set up in the back for the ceremony to capture the entire thing, and a recorder set up to capture audio (I'll work to find a place to hide it), I will also ask the groom and the officiant to wear a lapel mic.
- I will stay as long as I need to get all the footage needed to make the film!

Whats my style?
My style of shooting wedding films is to tell a story, its more then a highlight reel.  Each couple is unique just as every wedding is unique.  Finding the unique pieces of your big day in order to tell the story of your love.  I don't try to capture every single moment and every single aspect of the day.  I look to find the moments that show your love for each other, and how the people you love support you on that day. 

Look through my examples to see if you like my work!  Maybe we are a great fit! 
If you like what you see go to the contact page and fill out a form to give me a little more information about you and your big day.

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